Refund  Returns 

If the product does not meet your expectation or quality, we offer you a chance to either exchange or ask for a fund for the money. 

When we will not accept any exchanges:

  • If the delivered product is found altered/used or damaged and does not meet our quality standard.
  • We will not accept the product if it is brought on offer.
  • If the product exceeds 7 days from the date of delivery.


  • The refund for the product will take place only through bank transfer even if the purchase is made through Cash on Delivery. 
  • We will refund the sum amount if the listed product is not as shown on our website.
  • The bank transfer refund will take approximately 2 weeks.

If the replacement product is not available in our stock we will send a similar product, we will send you an email informing it and will need your acceptance for the further procedure to take place.